Big Data wrap up

Well, what a great evening!

Tim Kelsey, Kathryn North and Nick Gruen did a stellar job addressing many aspects of Big Data. We covered key points such as:

– Data provides both a good and potentially harmful opportunity to improve health and care;

– The current business case has failed to convince the wider community so far that big data has benefits; however, collectively, we have an obligation to contribute our own user experiences to push and further support the case, persuading people to appreciate why the provision of data is important;

– Access to data will drive innovation, particularly if it involves aggregated data. We should let data be used by innovators and entrepreneurs to develop freeware apps to support health;

– The issues of consent, privacy, opt-in and opt-out were discussed including what the role of the government should be; and

– There was widespread optimism that Australia is in a great position to overcome the state and commonwealth divide to connect data and deliver great health outcomes.

Thank you again to our wonderful friends EY for making it possible.