Carrie Marr – CEO Clinical Excellence Commission, NSW

Carrie Marr - panelist photoMs Carrie Marr is the Chief Executive of the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC). The CEC provides leadership in safety and quality to improve outcomes for patients.


Since its establishment in 2004, the CEC has gained local, national and international recognition by developing and driving improvement initiatives in collaboration with consumers, clinicians, managers, and other health service partners.

Trained originally as a nurse, Carrie has 37 years experience in healthcare, including oncology, end of life care, organisational development, patient safety and quality improvement.  Born and raised in Scotland, Carrie has worked extensively across the UK and Europe and is now in her fourth year in Australia – a place she now calls home, given the very mild winters!!  Carrie is on a mission to help all of us ignite our passion for safe and reliable care.