Jennifer Philip – Professor of Palliative Medicine, Dep’t of Medicine, University of Melbourne

Professor Jennifer Philip is the appointed Chair of Palliative Medicine, University of Melbourne, St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre.  Jenny is a palliative care clinician, researcher and teacher whose particular areas of interest include improving the ways supportive and palliative care are delivered. She has extensive international credentials in academic and clinical research in palliative care.  As Chair of Palliative Medicine, Professor Philip works to improve patient access to clinical research studies, build research capability and ensure all care provided to people with advanced disease is informed by evidence and delivered by people who are well-trained, supported, compassionate and passionate about what they do. She also heads the VCCC Palliative Medicine Research Group.

Using Data to Drive Change

Data and the teams surrounding it drive the change in chronic disease. East London as a specific example. [need to insert link or embed slideshare presentation.]