Disruptive Innovation wrap up

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our most successful AHN event to date.

The quality of the conversation and the energy was outstanding. Special thanks must go to our panel and sponsors, Slater and Gordon.

So what happened and what did we think about? Top 4 points are below.

  1. We need to keep our eye on both the incremental improvement and on the more flashy innovations (the split screen analogy)
  2. The people we engage  with in our exploration and search for opportunities to innovate our health system are really important.
  3. We need to consider the context we are seeking to change, those that are willing to be involved and those who bring fresh eyes to the situation when constructed a team
  4. There is no magic bullet to solve the challenges of our health system. We need the full package of ‘C’s; collaboration, curated spaces, change of culture, conceiving of conceptual ideas and in the end we may get change