Healthy Professionals, Better Outcomes

13th November, 2018:  5:45 pm – 8:15 pm

In association with our wonderful sponsors Slater and Gordon, let’s have a candid conversation about mental well-being.

Countless reports reveal the poor state of our clinicians’ mental health and well-being.  The IBAC has conducted investigations into the ambulance services seeking to understand drug use (operation tone), Beyond Blue has conducted surveys of burn-out amongst doctors and medical students and vicarious trauma are being discussed in our organisations.

Bottom line:  the problem is well articulated.  However, what are we doing to help?   What’s the responsibility of our leaders?  What can we do, as individuals, to protect ourselves and our dear colleagues?

Our panel features experts who are incredibly passionate about this subject and making an impact on health service delivery in Australia:

Andrew Tagg, an Emergency Physician with a special interest in education and lifelong learning.  Andrew also has a deeply personal story about mental health.  He is a co-founder of “Don’t Forget the Bubbles”, an on-line medical education resource centre for pediatric medical professionals.

Geoff Toogood is a Cardiologist & specialist consulting Aviation Cardiologist who has practiced for 20 years on the Mornington Peninsula.  He is a speaker / ambassador for Beyond Blue, speaking regularly in the area of mental health, and a passionate advocate for doctors’ mental health, after his own experiences and battle with mental illness.  Geoff is the campaign founder of “Crazy Socks 4 Docs”, encouraging doctors to start talking about their mental health.

Mary Freer, Principal of Freerthinking.  Over many years, Mary has contributed to Australia’s national health and social care reform agenda.  Mary was also the Founder and CEO of Change Day Australia, a frontline-led movement for change mobilizes people everywhere to do something better together to improve outcomes for patients and their families.

We’re delighted to have Matiu Bush, Senior Strategist, Business Innovation, Bolton Clarke, as our moderator.  Matiu is also a board member with Better Care Victoria and the Emerging Leaders Clinical Advisory Committee and as part of Specialist Clinics Collaborative Steering Committee.

Join our conversation focusing on ensuring our clinical workforce is able to manage the demand and care for the people who need it.