Integrated Care – Master Class wrap up

We kicked off our inaugural Master Class series with the very relevant topic “Integrated Care”, featuring our subject expert Mike Roberts from UCLPartners in the UK.

From Mike’s many years of experience and “tinkering” with the system and exploring and testing different approaches and ways of doing things, here’s what he’s learnt with resounding results!

We need to:

  1. Recognise the drive to Integrated Care through structural change has failed;
  2. Have real clinical engagement which should include the carers and other peripheral supporters (a key point to note is, in COPD, 90% of care is performed by nurses!);
  3. Identify clinical leaders to help drive and adopt new care models;
  4. Implement improved IT systems with proper connectivity;
  5. Employ better contractual models that reward good / positive behaviour (as the current models don’t and people simply try to “game the system”);
  6. Strive towards “value for money”;
  7. Provide a more appropriate support model with good governance that brings in the local authority and provides true social care interface;
  8. Track and show the data with real-time results;
  9. Offer a range of solutions that can work and let the local decision makers decide on the best option for them;
  10. Narrow the measurements and number of benchmarks (Mike used the example where they moved from 52 identifiers down to simply 5 key metrics);
  11. GIRFT – Get It (i.e. the diagnosis) Right the First Time;
  12. Provide tools, templates and checklists (include one for the patient to confirm minimum diagnostics performed with the clinician); and
  13. Embed it!

We’d like to thank Mike for coming in from overseas and, of course, our terrific new sponsors KPMG.

Stay current with the AHN and look for our next Master Class!