Jason Micallef – University of Melbourne

Jason Micallef -panelist photoJason has 24 years of industry experience in clinical education, health leadership and organizational development.  Jason commenced his career as a Registered Nurse and is currently the University of Melbourne’s Research, Innovation and Commercialisation (RIC) custom education lead for the health sector.


In 2007, he established a leadership institute within the Department of Health WA.  Through his work in WA, Jason designed and developed a range of successful leadership development initiatives and programs whilst also delivering extensive system improvements by commissioning over 600 service improvement projects in corporate and clinical settings.

Jason also led one of Australia’s most sustained medical engagement and medical leadership initiatives over the past decade, which has supported the development of over 500 doctors. Furthermore, Jason has developed a broad range of organisational development initiatives including the use of organisational diagnostics to develop service-wide strategies that create collective leadership and improved staff engagement.

Jason is dedicated to developing innovative and evidence-based initiatives that support health services to engage with their clinicians in order to develop capable leaders and better service outcomes.