The Ensuing Tsunami of Chronic Disease: How Best to Prepare

Wednesday October 23rd, 2019:  5:45 pm – 8:15 pm

The AHN, in association with our brand new sponsor The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP), is pleased to host an evening discussion on ways to address the challenges of the ageing baby-boomer bubble and our increasing life expectancy.  How will we ever manage the demand? 

As clinicians and within our health system, we, collectively, are no longer simply dealing with individual ailments.  We’re seeing a substantial increase in chronic diseases, multiple co-morbidities on top of increasing aged population.  Many older patients seeking treatment now have two or more chronic illnesses.  Our system can barely cope with the existing challenges and we now need to change gears dramatically and start preparing for the seismic shift in service demands.  What solutions are necessary in order to cope?

Our experts will discuss practical changes being made in the various healthcare systems, what they’ve already done to start preparing for the shift and what successes they’ve encountered.

Professor Mike Roberts is joining us again from the U.K. during the week of October 21st.  In addition to conducting two Master Classes, he will also be joining us as a panellist for this insightful discussion on this very relevant topic.  Mike was recently promoted to Managing Director, UCLPartners Academic Health Science Networks (“AHSN”) and is part of UCLPartners’ senior leadership team.  Joining him on the panel is Associate Professor Nick Buckmaster – Chair, Consumer Advisory Group, RACP.  

With our moderator Suzanne Miller, CEO, Nexus Primary Health, please join our experts as they share their insights and what practical solutions should be adopted on this important subject that will affect all of us: